10 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Ideas 

A farmhouse kitchen is incomplete without lighting fixtures because they help create a comfortable and beautiful ambiance.

So, whether one is looking for a kitchen revamp or starting with a fresh DIY farmhouse kitchen project, here are some eye-catching farmhouse kitchen lighting design ideas to bring your design dream to life.  

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Farmhouse kitchen lighting inspiration  

1. Rustic pendant lights to jazz up any farmhouse kitchen design  

Want to add charm and warmth to the kitchen space? Rustic pendant lights are worth considering. It will instantly cheer up the look of the kitchen. Try to invest in the fixtures that cast a soft, ambient light because that will help boost the space’s design along with a stylish glow. 

2. Modern textured fixture 

Modern textured fixtures are best for achieving a comfy and relaxed look without compromising on the farmhouse style of the kitchen. Such fixtures are available in a wide range of shapes and color combinations, but we highly recommend going with the monochromatic rustic color.

Most textured fixtures are made up of a combination of the following materials that give a striking remarkable feel to the space: 

  • Wood 
  • Steel 
  • Wicker 
  • Wrought iron 

3. Cylindrical glass pendant light with hemp rope 

Aiming to add a farmhouse chic feel to the kitchen? Go with a cylindrical glass pendant light that features a hemp rope. The oil-rubbed bronze or metallic finish on the pendant will make the kitchen stand out.  

4. Weathered iron chandelier 

When it comes to the ultimate farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas, nothing can beat a weathered iron chandelier. It looks classy and super stylish. Also, choose the bulbs with soft, warm light, which will help set a lovely farmhouse tone in space.  

5. Copper-hued birdcage fixture  

Simply imagining the copper-hued birdcage fixture in a rustic farmhouse kitchen gives a soothing feeling to mind. Go for exposed bulbs so that the light illuminates every corner of the space. This birdcage fixture will be a perfect addition for those who are looking for something aesthetically pleasing for the dining area. Also, one can go for multiple lights to decorate the dining area.  

6. Track lights with rustic mason jar shades 

Want an interesting farmhouse kitchen lighting update? Choose the track lights with rustic, yet chic, mason jar shades and bulbs with soothing warm light. These lights installed at varying heights will help give a casual yet rustic farmhouse style. Also, these track lights are sure to brighten up the kitchen island or the primary dining area.  

7. Farmhouse oval faux-wooden fixture 

Choose a large oval-shaped faux wooden cage holding multiple bulbs for patterned lighting sprinkled evenly in the kitchen space for a classic appearance. In fact, this idea fits any farmhouse kitchen — be it indoor or outdoor. For more convenience, one can invest in dimmable bulbs.  

8. Billiard-style pendant 

For those looking to glamorize their farmhouse kitchen with a slight touch of modern appeal, we recommend a billiard-style pendant light. It will look stunning in a kitchen with white marble or quartz countertops.  

9. Dome-shaped fixture with a single light 

To add a coastal farmhouse appeal to the kitchen, go for the dome-shaped fixture with a single light. A dome shade adorned with a distressed brass finish will be a perfect choice for homeowners seeking farmhouse kitchen island lighting options.  

10. Semi flush mount 

A semi-flush mount with multiple bulbs can be a wonderful addition to a farmhouse kitchen. Go for the brass finish to achieve a classic farmhouse look.  

Things to consider before installing farmhouse kitchen lighting 

●     Don’t forget the dimmers: 

Usually, homeowners forget or completely ignore dimmers when shopping for lighting fixtures. Sometimes there is no need for bright lights, and that’s where dimmers can be used to adjust the light as per the requirements. The best thing is that dimmers are super affordable, so why not go for them and make life a little easier?  

●     Appropriate positioning: 

One can go for the light bulbs that are facing downward, outward, or upward. However, it’s suggested to install downward-facing lighting in the kitchen due to the fact that the light must shine directly on the countertop so that food prep is easy. Also, do not install lights that are too dim; otherwise, food prep may be hindered.  

●     Play with shapes:  

The easiest way to make the farmhouse kitchen stand out is by incorporating different shapes. For instance, if the dining table is round, one can invest in the square fixtures or any other geometrical-shaped ones. It will help break the monotony and add more character to the kitchen space.  

●     Area-specific kitchen lighting tips: 

Kitchen island: For kitchen island lighting, go for a linear pendant that has at least two to three bulbs attached. However, if the size of the island is large, one may need to add more bulbs, so the light distributes evenly on the island. Also, ensure that the lights are installed at least 12 to 16 inches apart.  

Above the sink: From the flush mount to the recessed light, everything works well in this kitchen area. However, homeowners must consider their height before installation to avoid any mishappening while doing the dishes.  

Dining table: Want to make the dining space the most striking area in the kitchen? A rustic chandelier can become the perfect centerpiece for that! 

Farmhouse kitchen lighting ideas: Wrapping up 

As we can notice, there are several options when it comes to the farmhouse kitchen lighting, so the homeowners can easily choose the fixtures and tone of light as per their kitchen’s existing look and feel. In addition, lighting offers a great way to do a lot of experiments and have fun with the space.  

Nowadays, there are different types of bulbs available in the market which allow changing the tone and color of the light, which is another great way to add a unique aspect to the kitchen. 

So, follow the modern farmhouse kitchen lighting tips listed above and take the DIY farmhouse kitchen to revamp the project to the next level! 

Good luck!