10 BBQ Hacks Every Grill Master Should Know

 Warmer days are fast approaching, and many grill masters are now busy planning their next outdoor barbecue. Even if you feel you’re the best when it comes to barbecue, there are a few things you should know. If you apply these simple tips to your next outdoor event, you will impress your guests and move your reputation up to the next level.

1. Cleaning Tips

Nothing puts a damper on an outside barbecue than the cleanup afterwards. You can impress your family and friends if you take to the hot grill with an onion cut in half. Scrubbing it with the cut side down on the hot grill loosens up the grease and grime. It not only makes for a fast cleanup, it’s environmentally friendly too.

2. The Secret To Grilling Fish

Fish can be difficult to grill because of its delicate texture. Place a layer of lemon slices down first and lay your fish right on top to keep your fish from sticking to the grates. It will not only prevent the fish from falling apart or falling into the hot coals below, but it will infuse an amazing flavor into the fish, making you one of the best grill masters ever.

3. Temperature Control

Always use a meat thermometer. Many factors can affect the temperature of your grill: weather, uneven coals, or the meat’s thickness. To ensure that you always cook everything thoroughly and to the perfect temperature, use a digital thermometer. That way, you won’t have to worry about sending anyone to the hospital for a hasty dish served too soon.

4. Ditch The Lighter

While liquid charcoal lighters are great for getting a fire started, they can sometimes cause big bursts of flames that might cause a possible hazard. Also, they usually leave an unpleasant taste in the cooked meat. Consider being more environmentally friendly and try placing a bunch of potato chips on top of the charcoal and light that instead of the lighter fluid. This method works with tortillas chips, too. These are greasy foods that will light and burn just as quickly without putting anyone at risk.

5. Double The Skewers

When barbecuing with skewers, it is easy for the meat to slide off as it is being cooked. They never seem to stay where you intended. A simple way around this is to use two skewers rather than one for each kabob. It’s like taking out additional insurance so that your food stays where you need it to be.

6. Use Smoke For Flavor

If you like that smoky flavor in your barbecue but only have a grill to work with, don’t give up. You can turn your basic barbecue grill into your personal smoker with just a few quick and easy steps. By using indirect heat and slow-burning wood chips to slow down the grilling process, you will give your meat more of that deeper flavor. That will have everyone know that you have the best barbecue in the neighborhood.

7. Make Your Burgers Juicy

No one likes a dried out burger, but it’s not easy to ensure that your patties stay juicy. The heat from the grill usually dries them out before they are cooked all the way through. However, there is a way to keep your patties nice and moist until they finish cooking. Place an ice cube or a pat of butter on each one. As the burger cooks, the ice or butter melts, oozing moisture into the meat. So, by the time it is thoroughly cooked, it is full of an aromatic and flavorful juice that everyone will love.

8. Perfect Chicken Breasts

There is a simple trick to getting your chicken breasts done to perfection. Breasts are often very thick cuts of meat, so while you may have the outside done just right, the inside may barely have started. This problem is due to their unique teardrop shape, which does not lend itself to even cooking. Before placing the breasts on the grill, wrap the breasts in plastic wrap and then use a mallet to pound them to a more even thickness so that they will lay flat on the grill.

9. Baste With Apple Juice

When you want your meat to have a perfect crust outside, but stay nice and tender inside, baste it with apple juice while it is still on the grill. It will give it a beautiful golden brown color and seal in the flavor and juices at the same time. This trick works exceptionally well with burgers and pork, but it works just as well with chicken too.


10. The Secret’s In The Sauce

Your barbecue is only as good as what you put on it. Make sure that before you put the meat to the fire, marinate it well. Only use quality marinades that will enhance the flavors. When finished, make sure that you use the best barbecue sauces. There are hundreds to choose from, so make sure to get one that compliments the kind of meat you are cooking.

As winter gives way to warmer seasons, you’ll naturally be drawn to the outdoors, and your grill will call you. If you genuinely want to impress your family & friends, try these simple suggestions.

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