10 Amazing Uses of Sea Salt Other than Cooking

Sea salt is produced by the evaporation of saltwater lakes and oceans. It is a natural salt that is not processed as highly as other salts. Sea Salt contains minerals and natural elements such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is used in cooking but also seems to be useful for things other than food.

Due to the mineral content, it has a wide variety of uses starting from your home, kitchen to your skin, and health. If you are adding sea salt in your diet, ensure you consume it in standard proportions.

Now let’s have a look at how you can use sea salt for your home purposes and beautifying your skin.

Uses of Sea Salt in Beauty and Body Care:

1. Use it as a natural mouthwash:

Salt is an excellent source for killing bacteria and preventing bad breath from your mouth. You can make a solution consisting of ½ teaspoon of sea salt and baking soda each and 1/4th cup of warm water. Swirl the solution in your mouth for 10-15 seconds and then spit it out after proper rinsing.

2. Use it as an exfoliator for your skin:

The minerals in sea salt help in nourishing the skin. You can scrub it on the face and massage gently to remove the dirt and dust particles from your skin. It exfoliates the skin naturally by refreshing and glowing it.

3. Make toner for your skin:

Sea Salt helps in retaining the skin hydration. You can make a spray solution of sea salt and water to spray it over your face at specific scheduled times to create a habit. It absorbs the oil from your skin and makes your skin look fresh.

4. Cure the bee stings on your skin:

If you had a bee-bite, you can rub the sea salt on the surface of your skin and add some drops of water. Allow this to dry for some time. It will relieve your skin from the pain and reduce swelling.

5. Add sea salt to your baths:

Sea salt is an excellent component for improving your skin’s health, and that’s the reason it is mostly used in bathing water. It absorbs the dirt, oil from your skin, removes toxins from your body, and cleanses your skin.

6. Use it as an anti-dandruff agent:

You can apply sea salt on the scalp to absorb the oil and impurities from the skin. It prevents dandruff and promotes skin growth while stimulating the blood flow in your body.

7. Beautify your nails and cuticles:

If you love to pamper your nails, try to soak them in sea salt solution. The minerals of sea salt enhance the nails and make them look whiter and healthier.

If you hate dry cuticles, then here’s another remedy. Mix an equal proportion of sea salt and olive oil and make a uniform paste. Soak your cuticles in the solution to soften and make them look elegant.

8. Helps in relieving rheumatoid arthritis:

If any of your family members have rheumatoid arthritis, then here’s an excellent solution to ease the pain, and that’s the sea salt. The mineral-rich sea salt tends to possess anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the severe pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Taking a warm bath with salt solution-based water can have an immense effect on relieving the pain.

9. Helps to boost the immune system:

The sea salt has a high amount of alkaline nature, which helps in preventing bacteria and viruses. Also, the content of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium helps in boosting the immune system. You can consume sea salt with various foods and drinks for improving your immunity.

10. Helps in removing chimney soot:

You might know the pain behind cleaning and removing the chimney soot. To make the cleaning process more manageable, sprinkle the sea salt over the carbon and let it do its work. The soot will be removed easily, and it will also make the airflow better.

Uses of Sea Salt in Home and Decor:

1. Make your candles drip-proof:

The candle’s wax tends to drip down when you light them as the candle keeps burning. To avoid this, you can soak the candles in a sea salt solution for approximately 2-3 hours and then use them. This process will make the candle drip-proof and prevent the wax dripping over the surfaces.

2. Test the freshness of eggs:

The solution of sea salt with water allows you to test the freshness of eggs. Keep a bowl with the mentioned solution and put the eggs in it. The fresh eggs will float over the surface while the old ones will sink to the bottom.

3. Cleanse your sponges:

The sponges become dull after frequent uses. To sanitize them, wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water. Then make a solution of sea salt and cold water and dip the sponge into this solution. Let it soak the solution for 2-3 hours and use it again as a fresh and sanitized sponge.

4. Increase the life of brooms:

If you have brooms with natural bristles, you can improvise them by soaking the bristles in a solution of salt and water. It keeps them usable for a long time.

5. Prevent smell from food spillage:

If you love to keep your kitchen odor-free, then keep a mixture of sea salt and cinnamon powder. Whenever there is ani spillage, sprinkle the mixture over the surface. Once it is dried, clean it with a dry cloth.

6. Cleans artificial flowers:

If your house is full of artificial flowers, but they seem to be full of dust, then take a ziplock bag and add a cup of sea salt in it. Take the flowers and place them inside the bag. Close the bag and shake it thoroughly. If you now remove the flowers, they will appear clean and dust-free.


We hope that with this article, we have made you open to all the uses of Sea Salt. Isn’t it amazing that some natural component serves you so many useful purposes right from your food, home to your health?

So make sure to buy yourself some Sea Salt and try it with all the mentioned methods to see the difference. We feel that it will be useful and improve your health, home, and your skin.

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