10 Accessories Every Surfer Must Have

There are a million sports out there that you could be doing, but surfing is unlike any of those. The rush and excitement that come with it are unparalleled, and it’s different from any other wild adventure you could go on. To be out there in the sea with nothing on you but a surfboard is the thrill of a lifetime, and it doesn’t hurt that you get some incredible natural views while you’re at it, too. To get the most out of your surfing experience, though, you need to be really prepared, and that means having all the right equipment. Listed below are 10 must-have accessories for every surfer. 

1. The GoPro Hero 6

What’s the point of being out there amid all that beauty, and enjoying that thrilling a ride, if you can’t record it for future viewing? Most surfers will want to document their wild adventures in the heart of the sea, and that means getting an action camera. If you ask most adventurers what the best one for such an expedition is, most will definitely tell you the GoPro Hero 6. It is by far the most practical action camera in terms of versatility and weight, and it’s the best companion for your surfing adventurers to capture all those memorable moments. 

It’s not just the size that’s brilliant about those tiny cameras. The GoPro 6 can capture videos with a quality of 4K60/1080p240, which means you can basically create professional videos using just this small device. It’s also much more powerful than its predecessor, the GoPro Hero 5, and it delivers a performance that’s twice as strong. More importantly, the camera is waterproof up to 10 meters (33 ft), which means you don’t have to worry about it being damaged from your surfing adventure. 

There’s a ton of other cool features that come with it as well, like the fact that it can shoot in super slow motion at high resolutions, has a built-in GPS, provides image stabilization, and offers fast wireless data transfer options and touchscreen display. All of these features make it the perfect accessory for any surfer looking to document their actions amid the waves. 

2. Shark deterrents

While surfers are innately adventurers and thrill-seekers, going toe-to-toe with sharks is definitely not something you want to consider while out there in the sea. It’s far from the adventurous ride you see in movies, and it’s life-threatening. Yet, sometimes, you are going to find yourself in areas where there is a high potential of encountering sharks, and it would definitely be unwise to go about it without having some sort of protection. This is why you need to get your hands on some extra tools like the SharkStopper Personal Shark Repellent. 

This small device is an acoustic shark repellent that works by emitting a sound, replicating sharks’ own predator, the orca. That way, sharks are repelled without any harm coming to them, keeping you safe while preserving marine life. By emitting those frequencies, the device can keep sharks away for a distance of up to 18 meters, and its battery lasts for around 4 to 7 hours. The great thing about this device is the fact that it comes with an adjustable strap so you could put it around your ankle, and it automatically fires up once it detects the presence of water. 

3. Fin puller

As any surfer would know, surfboards come with fins to improve stability and help you better manage your steering and control the board. They come in different shapes and sizes, and any board will have them. The problem is when you want to remove those fins, you end up either injuring your hand or damaging the fin itself because they can be quite sharp at times. This is why a fin puller is a very cool and practical gadget that every surfer should have. 

It allows you to handle any removable fin without compromising its integrity or hurting your hands. You can do it quite fast and easily, and it can even be used to install the fins. The fin puller is also very lightweight, and it comes in a compact design made out of recycled materials. 

4. Surfboard carriers 

It is important to also do some research and learn how to pick the right surf skateboard for yourself. But for surfers Surfboard carriers are definitely one of the most important accessories that’s a must-have for any surfer. If you have carried a board before, especially a long one, you know how heavy and straining it can be. It’s even more complicated if you have to walk long distances carrying the board, which puts too much strain on your hands and fingers, sucking the fun out of the pre-surfing moments. Fortunately, surfboard carriers were invented, and they are brilliant. You have products like the Board Buddy, a lightweight and cushioned hook of sorts that helps you carry your surfboard without putting any strain on your hands. It’s easy to handle makes it quite ergonomic, and carrying those longboards is now simpler than ever. 

There are other products like the Surfboard Carrier by Curve, which basically converts your board into a cross-body bag. You get to carry it over your shoulders, as the board itself is stored in a long sleeve that even has other pockets for extra accessories. That way, you get to carry your board with no stress on your wrists and arms. 

5. Tide watches

Tide watches are another must-have accessory for surfers everywhere. They don’t just tell you the time, but they have the ability to give you ocean metrics so you could know where the tides are wherever you are surfing. This is especially helpful in a country like Australia, where tides are quite variable depending on the time of day and season. You should browse a few online surf shops Australia residents swear by and find these tide watches because they will be of great help to you when you’re out there in the sea. Some of them are even equipped with cool features like GPS and Wi-Fi, which do prove helpful during your surfing adventures. 

6. Surfing earplugs

Earplugs are another major accessory that no surfer should do without, and this time, it’s for medical reasons. If you surf in windy conditions in water that is quite cold—which happens a lot of the time—you expose yourself to a condition commonly known as surfer’s ear (exostosis). This is when abnormal bone growth happens in the ear canal. It is not a major health issue, but the bad news is the only way to treat this condition is through a surgical intervention that removes the bone. This can be avoided if you start using surfing earplugs. 

The great thing about surfing earplugs is the fact that they just block the water, and they let the sound go through, so you definitely will still be aware of your surroundings. You’ll find that it’s not just surfers that wear them, but also sailors, snorkelers, and basically, anybody spending too much time in the sea. These earplugs are extremely lightweight, and they cause no acoustic loss. So, you won’t feel like you’re wearing anything really, while, most importantly, protecting your ears from the medical condition known as exostosis.

7. Surfing backpack 

A problem a lot of surfers face is not being able to keep their belongings safe and dry on the beach, especially in harsh conditions. Surfers aren’t exactly reasonable when it comes to the climates they choose to ride in; a lot of the time, they don’t hesitate to go out in rainy and windy conditions. And it can be extremely difficult to keep your belongings safe and dry in such weather without a waterproof backpack. This is why DryTide created theirs, and it is quite the product. 

At first glance, it might look like your average backpack, but it’s so much more than that—though it is quite stylish even compared to other similar products. The DryTide backpack comes with a lot of pockets to carry your different items, and most importantly, it is designed out of 100% waterproof material. They even used a particular welding technique to ensure that there are absolutely no stitching holes in the entire backpack, which means no water or dust can reach anything you put inside. 

This kind of craftsmanship also ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions, or even being dropped into the sea. So, whether you want to store your belongings on the beach—and would like to do so without sand invading the backpack—or want to drag the entire backpack across a lake or something, this one can handle everything you throw at it, and keep all your items safely stored and sealed. 

8. Inflation vest

While the core essence of surfing is a pure adventure and becoming one with nature, that does not mean you should do it unprotected. Sometimes, things can get really crazy out there, and the last thing you want is for a big wave to carry you over to God knows where. An inflation vest is a perfect accessory to save you if that happens. You just wear it under your wetsuit, and you simply need to pull a cord to activate the air release. It will do the rest and keep you afloat until you can find your way out of that jam. 

A notable product in this area is Patagonia’s Portable Self-Inflation Vest, which had many wave surfers weighing in on the design and how to best accommodate surfers. This is why you’ll find that it fits under any wetsuit, and it is very lightweight and comfortable, so it will not weigh you down or anything if that is your concern. 

9. Sunscreen 

Believe it or not, sunscreen is an essential accessory that any surfer must-have. Most people who surf do it in daylight and that often means long hours of exposure to the rays of the sun. That is extremely dangerous as it can have severe effects in the long run. It doesn’t matter what weather conditions you’re surfing; prolonged exposure to the sun can cause permanent damage to your skin, at the very least. 

This is why it’s always advisable that surfers put on sunscreen whenever they are on the water or at the beach in general. You shouldn’t just go and buy the first product you find, though, but rather look for one that provides suitable protection from the sun. It also needs to be non-greasy and water-resistant, obviously, and odorless sunscreens are also often the better choice. This is definitely not an accessory you’ll want to forget, because the sun’s rays can be quite dangerous even for a one-day exposure. 

10. Portable shower

This is the very definition of the surfing accessory that you didn’t know you needed. Just think of this: how many times have you gotten out of the beach after a wild surfing session, and wished there was a shower nearby? Most of the time there won’t be, and that means you’ll walk around with salt all over your body until you find one or even worse, get home. Sure, some people use a couple of bottles of water, but that is not very practical. So, RinseKit designed a portable shower to fix this problem for you. 

This pressurized shower will give you the necessary water flow to clean your entire body, and it doesn’t need a pump or a battery. It can hold up to 2 gallons of water, which should be more than enough for you and a friend to shower. The portable shower is also lightweight and easy to carry, and more importantly, you can use it for any outdoor adventure like camping or hiking—not just surfing!

Few experiences in life could be compared to surfing and the rush it gives you. It is an adventure like no other, and it’s one you’ll easily get addicted to. In order to fully enjoy your time surfing, though, you need to be well prepared. That means taking the time to get all the necessary equipment you might need because they will save you a lot of trouble and make the entire experience much smoother. 

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