1​5 Food Crimes That Will Make You Lose Faith In Humanity

There are times when it becomes abundantly clear that everyone can’t be good at everything. For some of us, this applies to the art of cooking. Not to put these people on blast, but each and every food crime on this list deserves a permanent place in the cooking hall of shame.

Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.

1.  Not quite sure what this is supposed to be, but I’m rather disturbed.


2.  This hurts my entire heart and soul.


3.  Nope. 😒


4.  This is just wrong on so many levels.


5.  😩😅


6.  I can’t even….

Walters Antony Luis Christopher‎

7.  💀

8.  Who does this ever?


9.  I have no words.

10.  How Sway?


11.  No. No. And…just no.

12.  Sigh. 😷


13.  This can’t be life.

14.  Arrest this person immediately.

Snark Ecards

15.  You can’t blame a girl or guy for trying.


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