Family Ride Time: How to Keep Your Crew Safe While on a Bike-Riding Adventure

The United States is home to over 47 million bicycle riders. Going for a long ride with the family is a great way to have fun and get some much-needed exercise. While this activity is fun, it is also dangerous. Rather than venturing out with your family on a bicycle trip unprepared, you need to mitigate the risks involved in this activity.

The key to accomplishing this goal is proper planning and the right equipment. Read below for some helpful tips on keeping your family safe during a bike-riding adventure.

Using Light is Imperative

If you work all day, chances are your family bike rides will take place at dusk. As night falls, drivers will have a difficult time noticing you and your family. Avoiding accidents requires an awareness of your surroundings and the right equipment.

Unfortunately, hitting a bicyclist is something over 40,00 motorists do each year. Rather than experiencing one of these accidents firsthand, you need to consider getting lights for the bikes and clothing you wear while out on your riding adventures.

There are a number of easy to install lights for bicycles on the market. You will also need to see about getting reflective vests to wear during your rides. With these additions to your riding attire, you will have no problem showing up on the radar of a passing motorist.

Bicycle Helmets are a Must

For most parents, finding a way to get their kids off of the couch and outside is an ongoing struggle. Most kids love riding a bike, which is why cycling is a great option for families. Before you start to take your children on these bike rides, you need to invest in top-notch safety equipment. With all of the different bicycle helmets and pads on the market, selecting the right ones will require research.

Going in and actually trying on riding helmets is a wise move. By doing this, you can rest assured that you and your family have properly-fitted helmets to wear on your adventure. Consulting with the professionals who work in your local sporting goods store can help you get the guidance needed to choose the right bicycle safety equipment.

Thoroughly Inspect Your Bike Before Riding

Bicycles require very little maintenance. However, there are a few things you should check before going on a long ride with your family. The main thing you need to take a look at before riding your bike is the condition of the tires. Properly inflated tires will make getting a smooth and enjoyable bike ride in much easier. You also need to inspect the chain and the braking system on your bike.

Getting your kids in the habit of performing this pre-ride inspection can help you avoid problems in the future. As you and your kids start to get familiar with your new bikes, you will be able to notice problems early on and get them fixed before any real damage is done. The time you invest in performing bicycle maintenance will definitely pay off in the end.

Choose the Right Area to Ride Your Bike

Selecting a safe and fun spot to ride bikes with your family is also important. Ideally, you want to ride in an area that is well-lit and safe. Many towns and cities have specially designed bike trails for their citizens. Using one of these trails is crucial when trying to avoid lots of traffic and danger.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents is No Easy Job

By using the tips in this article, you can have a safe and pleasurable family bicycle ride. Teaching your kids about properly bicycle safety may just save their lives.

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