Why Should We Work ONLY 4 Days a Week?

We all feel overworked sometimes, and we can’t wait for the summer vacation to come. I admire Sweden people who are signing a petition to work four hours a day.

Maybe that’s a short period of working time, but if you monitor your day, you will see that you can be focused and efficient only four hours every day.

You usually spend the remaining hours talking on the phone, taking breaks, lunch break, talking with your colleagues, and more.

The question why we need to work four days a week comes from a study that researched this problem.

According to it, the US is the most overworked nation in the whole world.

85.5% of the males and 66% of females work over 40 hours a day. That’s a lot.

What being overworked means?

Why Should We Work ONLY 4 Days a Week?

It means everything for what you don’t have time to do. Playing with your kids, spending time with your husband and family, catching up with your friends, and more.


It leads to stress and poor quality of your life. You miss the happiest moments in your life because you are at work. On top of that, it takes a toll on your present and future relationships and most importantly, your health.

But, there is a lot to do, and the work doesn’t end…

I know. At least that’s what it looks like. I always say that you need to have a good time management and practice. You’ll be okay once you take advantage of it.

Sitting behind your desk doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get more work done. After a while, you are going to get tired.

Anders Ericsson, a psychology of work expert, says that shortening the work could lead to better productivity and increase the morale of the employees.

It all makes sense. Just think about it for a second.

According to Ericsson:

If you’re pushing people well beyond the time they can really concentrate maximally, you’re very likely to get them to acquire some bad habits. What’s worse, those bad habits could end up spilling into the time people are normally productive.

What are the benefits?

Why Should We Work ONLY 4 Days a Week?
The Huffington Post2

I’m glad you have this question on your mind right now.

In 2008, the former Utah governor Jon Huntsman introduced a bill to reorganize the working week. 75% of state employees switched the old-school five 8-hours work days to four 10-hour days.

The result was unbelievable.

This extra day off didn’t help only the employees. The environment saw benefits, as well. The companies saved public resources used to heat, cool, and power the whole building.

It gave tremendous results with the employees’ morale. Ericsson added that even the smallest change in the working hours would give tremendous results.

Shorter week leads to no stress, better morale of the workers, and high productivity levels.

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Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. Raising awareness about this could change the way we all work.


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