Who is The Oldest Person on The Planet Right Now?

Imagine how it would be in future you to be the oldest person on the planet earth. Someone else will then share the story about you.

We couldn’t imagine how it would be to be that person and the whole world to be cheering about your achievement. Not just cheering, they will be asking questions what is the secret to stay alive for so many years.

Are you ready for this?

Meet the 117 years old Violet Mosses Brown. Yes, she is the oldest person in the world after the previous oldest person, Emma Morano from Italy, died this Saturday.

Who is The Oldest Person on The Planet Right Now?

If you ask Violet how she managed to stay alive, what is her secret about long-lasting life, she will answer that she eats everything except pork and chicken.

I know this is entirely different from what nutritionists say for you to eat.

But wait, there is more.

She was born in Mach 1900. In an interview for a hometown newspaper, she says that the devotion to the Baptist church, the respect and love she has for family, life, and people, in general, is the magical thing about living long and happy life.

“Honor your mother and father so your days may be long,” she said, quoting the Old Testament. “I tell you, these young people these days have it easy – piped water, taxis, and buses to bring them where they want to go, everything to their convenience. When I was younger, and even as an adult, I had to work so hard that sometimes when I look back, I cry at how hard I had to work to make a living for my family.”

Amen to that!

She is a big lover of the church, and she enjoys singing and praising the Lord. Staying faithful paid off in the end as she thinks that’s one of the things that kept her alive for 117 years.

Who is The Oldest Person on The Planet Right Now?

Known as “Aunt V,” she says how fish and mutton are her favorite meals, and sometimes she enjoys in a good cow foot. She also eats lots of locally grown products like breadfruit, potatoes, oranges, and mangoes.

Brown enjoys reading great books, and her memory is incredible as she is still able to recite poems she learned in elementary school.

Her oldest son is 97 years old. This makes him the oldest living person in the world with his parent still alive.

At the end,

Thank God for what he has given to me. This what God has given me, so I have to take it, long life,” Brown said.

Keep pushing grannie. The world is with you!

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