What Happens a Month Before a Heart Attack?

The heart attack comes unexpected, and people are usually surprised by it.

Well, when your body is in question, nothing comes unexpectedly. There are signs the body gives, and you need to know how to read them. It’s as simple as that.

According to the American Heart and Stroke Association, the heart disease and strokes are taking so many lives in the world. Insufficient blood supply or some blockage is the reason behind heart attack.

The numbers are frightening.

Out of 700,000 people who suffer from this disease every year, 100,000 are not able to recover.

That’s why doctors warn people to follow everything their body is trying to tell them.

So, what happens a month before the heart attack?

What Happens a Month Before a Heart Attack?

Even though a heart attack is a sudden reaction, your body is giving you symptoms a month before something happens.

We usually say that the sudden change you feel “it’s just nothing” and “it will go away fast.” Don’t forget that this could lead to something bigger that leads to death.

Let’s check out these eight symptoms that show up before a heart attack happens:

Symptom #1: Unexplained Body Weakness

The weakness comes as a result of lack of blood circulation and flow. By many, that’s the main symptom when it comes to a heart attack.

Symptom #2: Dizziness

It’s a symptom of limited blood flow. You need to get a proper consultation about the dizziness and find out what is the reason behind it.

Symptom #3: Cold Sweats

Distress causes your body to react with cold sweats. If your blood flow is not performing on the preferred level, you are going to feel clammy, cold, and unwell.

Symptom #4: Chest, Back, Arm and Shoulder Pain

What Happens a Month Before a Heart Attack?

Feeling this symptom is an alarm clock for you to get medical attention. Chest pain is what people feel before they experience a heart attack. The same goes with the arm, shoulder, and back pain.

Symptom #5: Constant Cold

One month before the heart attack, a good percentage of people experienced fly symptoms.

That’s what makes the flu symptom for this dangerous condition.

Symptom #6: Constant Fatigue

Your body is not getting the needed amount of blood. This makes the body work harder to produce enough blood flow, which exhausts you.

Symptom #7: Shortness of Breath

What Happens a Month Before a Heart Attack?
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The lungs need oxygen and healthy blood flow. When something is not right, your lungs are feeling it and show signs by severe breathing.

Symptom #8: Other Vital Signs

Other signs could include nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, and indigestion.

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