What Does the Egg Yolk Color Reveal About the Egg and Chicken?

Have you noticed how different eggs give different egg yolk color? We don’t pay so much attention to it because the taste is probably the same.

The biggest difference I notice is between the eggs that come from village raised chicken and the eggs we buy from the store. Local eggs are far more healthy and natural than the others. However, not all of you have the opportunity to purchase eggs from the local farm.

The egg yolk is yellow. We all know that. But, if you pay a closer attention you will see that the yellowish color is not always the same.

At the video below, you are going to see how often the yellow color varies and what does this tell you about the egg and chicken.

Here is a little sneak peek. The egg yolk can tell you the nutrients that the hen was fed.

A simple egg yolk color hides so many things. It’s strange and awesome at the same time.

It’s important for you to understand the food so we can rest assured that what we eat is healthy and good.

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Source: Remedy Daily

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