What are The Most Natural Remedies for Your Dog?

Some natural & human resources do well for your dog. By human remedies, I think about those you are using when something is wrong with your overall health.

Let me tell you a funny story how I discovered about these remedies.

My Labrador got sick. He was happy and energetic like before, but his metabolism wasn’t working so well. There was blood in his poop. I lost my mind. I couldn’t do anything else.

The research on the internet was telling me bad things about this situation. His vet was treating him for various diseases. He came out negative to everything.

I couldn’t believe what’s happening because there wasn’t a noticeable change in his behavior, but the blood didn’t want to go away.

None of the remedies we tried helped. When there was nothing else to do, I gave him a pill against diarrhea. The blood was gone in 12 hours. Now he is fine, and I can’t be happier about it.

Maybe I got lucky or maybe not. I was trying to stay away from giving natural remedies to my dog because I was scared about potential side effects. After this, I’m sure I will use them if there is a need for that.

What are The Most Natural Remedies for Your Dog?

That’s what made me search for natural remedies that work on dogs. We use natural resources on ourselves, why can’t we on dogs?

Here is what I found.

Aloe Vera

Just like for humans, the Aloe Vera is useful for the skin of your dog as well. It soothes the skin if they are suffering from some allergic reaction.

Don’t let your dog digest the Aloe, though. Secure the area with a bandage after you apply some on the troubled area.

Digesting Aloe Vera could mean nasty diarrhea.

Be careful how you apply it, as well. Make sure you cover the irritated spot with the gel only because the white sap around the edges contain latex.

Rescue Remedy

Dr. Edward Bach hides behind this homeopathic tincture made from flower essences. The product helps your dog relieve stress. It’s highly recommended for puppies. When you adopt them in your home, there is a big chance they are scared and suffer from anxiety and stress.

This rescue remedy could help the cause.


It’s oil with amazing wound healing and antimicrobial properties. It’s a must have if you want to treat minor cuts, abrasions, insect bites, poison ivy, and eczema.

People found it useful for sprains and bruises, as well as for treating conjunctivitis, inflammation or ulceration of the digestive or urinary tracts.


It supports the immune system of your dog. However, before you take any actions, you need to check if your dog suffers from an immune mediate disease.


It’s like an aspirin for dogs. It can be used for an injury, overexertion or trauma. It’s packed with healing properties because it lowers pain.

I hope these natural remedies will help your dog overcome the issue and be itself again.

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