What a Model Did to Get the Perfect Picture Got Dubai Authorities Upset

This should be called how to get the Dubai authorities upset in three steps. Climb on top of a 73-storey building, hang on the edge of death without the safety harness, and take a picture.

Elite Daily came out with a story about a model Viki Odintcova. She did something no one thought about.

Play with her life.

She climbed on the top of a building to do an unauthorized and dangerous photo shoot.

The only safety thing Viki had was her partner who held her while she was hanging from the building.

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All the things models are ready these days to get the perfect picture.

“I still can’t believe I did it,” wrote the 22-year-old model. “Every time I watch the video my palms go sweaty.”

Wait. There is more. This ludicrous journey comes with a video, as well.

Don’t blink because you are going to miss it.

I hope this picture will pay off.

According to the famous news outlets, Dubai authorities are mad about this and started with their investigation.

They want to find out if Odintcova broke any laws while capturing her perfect picture.

Alongside the police, there are others who are criticizing the photo:

“Golly, here I was looking for a job when all I needed to do was endanger the public and then monetize off my stunt for the rest of my life,” mocked Delaney Candace Brooks.

“This is one of [the] most foolish [things] I have seen for quite a while,” said Shafi Latiff. “You’re playing a dangerous game that could result in your losing your life.”

“This is foolishness and dangerous – all for a picture,” said Melissa Sutinen.

What do you think about this?

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Things people do for fame these days.

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