Total Transformation: A Woman Shed 160 Pounds in Two Years

I always get inspired and motivated when I read someone did a total transformation. It’s not easy to be overweight.

The hardest part comes after when you get your breakout day and decide to lose weight and become another person from the outside.

Mallory Manning had the same problem. Two years ago Mallory weighed 340 pounds. You can only think about the problems she was going through.

Total Transformation: A Woman Shed 160 Pounds in Two Years

However, the biggest problem was that she didn’t feel like the weight it’s a big deal.

In January 2014, her friend changed her life forever. He happens to be a personal trainer, and it was a challenge to change her and make her healthier.

He is a personal trainer and just flat-out told me that I was morbidly obese and close to needing help walking – She told Us Magazine

Manning took these words for granted and made the breakthrough change. She started at home with some exercises that made her feel great

My mom had some five-pound weights, and I would do push-ups and planks, she says. I used Pinterest to help find ideas.

Mallory says she was embarrassed to work outside or at the gym. The struggle went far enough that she waited until dark to take a long walk around her neighborhood.

Two years later, voila. She is a new person. Mallory, an emergency dispatcher for the West Memphis Arkansas PD, lost 160 pounds.

People don’t recognize me. Even my own dad has to do a double take!

Total Transformation: A Woman Shed 160 Pounds in Two Years

Today, it’s an entirely different story. She works seven days a week for an hour and a half. Looks fit and ready to update her training regime.

She has a fitness buddy, though. We all have one. This time it’s her fiancé, Zac Britton.

Both of them were in this together. Zac lost 90 pounds since June 2014.

When it comes to meals, Manning swapped Chinese food and Pizza with six perfectly balanced and organized meals a day.

You can check her Instagram profile to see how she prepares these meals.

Wow. What a dedication and transformation.

Do you see yourself capable of doing something like this? – Let me read your opinion in the comments section bellow.

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Source: US Magazine

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