Top 10 Yoga Abs Exercises You Can Do at Home

These yoga abs exercises should become your new year’s resolution.

Staying at home during these cold days will make you lazy. The hard work you’ve been putting on to make yourself fit will vanish.

Let’s not make the same mistake as you did last year.

The holiday season is always a critical period when you forget about your healthy habits and do some damage in the kitchen.

That’s why I’m starting with something slow, beautiful and efficient. Let’s get back into the right mindset before we sweat our fat out.

Now, our abs suffer the most when you get loose with the food. You feel bloated and hate yourself.

Have you ever eaten so much that you started hating everything about yourself?

That’s when you say enough is enough and start working on getting back in the right direction.

Ruining everything you’ve been building for weeks and months in 15 days doesn’t worth it.

Can you agree with me?

With my help, as always, we are getting back and make 2017 something we won’t forget.

Please put your hands up if you are ready. I will be gentle with these yoga abs exercises. They will prepare you for the next episode of exercises.

There are ten simple exercises you can do at your home. You’ll be done in 15 to 20 minutes.

Try to stretch out as much as possible before you start with these yoga moves.

Focus your attention on your abs. Make sure you feel that unbelievable pressure in there.

Let’s go:

Indian Push Ups

Bridge Pose

Crane Pose

Double Leg Raise

Fish Pose

Revolved Side Angle Pose

Half Moon Pose

Warrior Pose

Downward Facing Pose

Cat-Cow Pose

I hope these videos helped the process and perfectly described the exercises.

How those abs fell after doing these yoga abs exercises?

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Share the experience with all of us.

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Source: Fitness Training Team

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