This Beetroot Juice Recipe Could Kill Cancer Cells in 42 Hours

Cancer took too many lives. It’s probably the scariest disease on the planet.

It hurts so much when you lose a close person in your family that you loved so much.

The pain is eternal, and that’s why people are prepared to do anything to prevent it from doing bigger damage.

The juice recipe you are going to see below has a beetroot as the main ingredient.

Let’s check its benefits.

This Beetroot Juice Recipe Could Kill Cancer Cells in 42 Hours

The source provides us with information that thousands of people tried this recipe and managed to destroy the cancerous cells.

It’s all in the beetroot. This plant enjoys strong cancer-fighting properties. It turns your body into a healthy environment. Somewhere the cancer cells can’t survive.

There is an amino acid called betaine in there that makes cancer’s life tough. Many studies confirm that this amino acid enters into cancer’s cell tissue and destroys it.

With that being said, it’s time for me to show you the recipe.

What You Need:

  • 55% of beetroot
  • 20% celery root
  • 20% carrots
  • 3% potatoes
  • 2% radishes

How to Prepare it:

  • Mix all of these ingredients in a blender or juicer


  • It’s recommended to drink this juice two times a day
  • Continue drinking it until you needs it

Is anyone familiar with this drink?

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Source: HealthyFoodTeam

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