The Truth How the Expensive Food Caviar is Made

Some truths are better left untold, but we can’t hide the fact how caviar Is made. Maybe we should say that the caviar is harvested, not made.

I don’t eat caviar. I’ve seen people in fancy restaurants eating it like there is no tomorrow. The smell and look make my stomach sick.

To be honest, I didn’t have the possibility to see how it’s made. This video came by on some of the fan groups I follow on Facebook.

As the source says, the best caviar is sturgeon eggs. Wild sturgeon is caught and cut open to remove these eggs.

The Truth How the Expensive Food Caviar is Made

Last reports say that the sturgeon is near to extinction and we need to raise awareness and protect this living creature.

The whole procedures give me chills. The surgeon is allowed to grow for a year before they are killed and cut open. After that, the people harvest the “delicious” eggs so that citizens around the world enjoy it.

Just to compare, a female sturgeon lives over 150 years. Can you imagine how short period is one year?

Let’s see the video that will tell you the truth how caviar is made:

There is no kill option that is not in use. At least not yet.

All these harvesters need to do is to massage the eggs out and let the sturgeon live. This leaves them an opportunity to re-catch the sturgeon again and harvest the eggs a couple of times.

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The best thing is that they will leave this creature to live freely.

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Source: David Wolfe

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