The Simple Banana & Honey Mixture Cures Bronchitis Fast

We are entering into a bad cough and bronchitis period.

If you don’t have time for that, the mixture I’m about to show you will cure the living soul out of it.

The illness comes enforced with couple of bodyguards in forms of:

  • Annoying Cough
  • Unstoppable Mucus
  • Frightening Fatigue
  • Difficult Breathing
  • Freezing Chills

All those nasty symptoms that won’t leave you to sleep at night will be covered by enjoying this fantastic beverage.

You all know the ingredients of this drink. They are all beneficiary and an excellent source of nutrients and bronchitis fighting properties.

The Simple Banana & Honey Mixture Cures Bronchitis Fast

What You Need:

  • 400ml Water
  • Two Bananas
  • Two Tablespoons of Raw 100% Organic Honey

How to Prepare it:

  • Get the ingredients
  • Peel the bananas
  • Mash them into a container by using a wooden spoon
  • Put the bananas in a pot along with 400 ml of boiling water
  • Let those two get to know each other for 30 minutes.
  • Once the mixture cools down, add honey. If you do it while the mixture is hot, you will destroy all the healthy nutrients in the honey

How it Works?

Nature’s healthy sweetener is full with antibiotics that attack the living soul out of the bronchitis-causing bacteria.

A sore throat you are feeling now will smoothen up by the power of honey.

Shifting our minds to the banana will discover the miracle cure for respiratory viruses and bronchitis. The lectin compound in the banana will cover viruses and make them useless in your body.

Should we talk about water?

The treatment for many viruses. The water has a fascinating role right here. I call it the extinguisher because it comes, takes the bacteria, and flushes out of your body.

Plus, it’s like a taxi for the other two ingredients driving them around your body.

Check the video below to see this natural bronchitis remedy in action.

The simple banana and honey mixture will relieve bronchitis faster than using any treatments.

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