The Incredible Story of a Couple Adopting a Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids

A heartwarming story is taking the Internet by storm.

Audrey is a single mother living with her three kids. She wasn’t feeling very well quite some time and decided to visit the doctor.

The sad thing was that she couldn’t leave all three of her kids alone at the house. That’s why she asked the closest neighbor, Tisha, to watch them for her.

Tisha is a mother of five kids working as a Las Vegas, bingo cashier. Her house turned into a kindergarten.

But it’s okay, though. Tisha, her husband, and her five kids accepted the challenge and decided to help Audrey.

The Incredible Story of a Couple Adopting a Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids

When the tests came back, they were devastating. Audrey got diagnosed with a stage two esophageal and stomach cancer.

It wasn’t going so well for her.

Knowing that she is running out of time, Audrey wanted to make sure that her kids will be well taken care of. That moment was breaking her heart, but she had to do it.

Even though Audrey and Tisha weren’t even close, she explained her situation and asked if she will be a legal guardian of her children.

With five kids on their own, this was a tough decision and job for Tisha and her husband.

Leaving everything aside, the amazing couple agreed without a hesitation.

The parents of five opened their hearts and doors to three more children and helped them get through their mother’s passing.

Now, not a long time after Audrey passing away, now one has ever though that the past will prepare such a great surprise for Tisha and her family for taking that tremendous responsibility.

The Incredible Story of a Couple Adopting a Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids

The FOX5 Surprise Team was on the spot with this one.

Let’s see what happened:

OMG. I’m crying right now. I got chills all over my body. This brave mother deserves everything these people did for her.

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What a story!

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