Targeted Stiff Neck Exercises that Offer Immediate Pain Relief

My son woke up moving his head like a Robocop the other day, and these stiff neck exercises helped him bring his movements back.

The stiffness is more common than you think. Lots of people reading this now feel some pain in their necks.

Most of us have sitting jobs, and our head and neck are fixated on the screen that we forget to move left or right. Keeping your head upright brings too much load on your neck that causes muscle tension. Any sudden move could give you a stiff neck.

Targeted Stiff Neck Exercises that Offer Immediate Pain Relief
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That’s what causes stiffness in your body. Maybe there is a simple solution to this, but the process could be painful and annoying.

These stiff neck exercises are easy to make. They are targeting the three most important muscles in your neck area. As you are doing these exercises, you are going to find the sensitive area and deal with the stiffness.

Here are the stiff neck exercises that helped many people get immediate pain relief.

Shoulder Alignment

Arm Swings

Full Arm Circles

Yes/No/Maybe Exercises

Head Rolls

To prevent stiff neck and shoulder pain, you need to pay attention on how do you sleep. Make sure you get that perfect position and strive to keep your body in it.

And as a bonus:

Do head exercises often while you are sitting on your desk. Do them slowly. You don’t want any additional injury. They will keep your muscles active and reduce the chance of getting a stiff neck or shoulder pain.

I hope these stiff neck exercises will help you and all of your friends who are suffering from this condition often.

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