Saying These 8 Things at Work Could Hurt Your Career

Well, there are some things you should avoid saying at work because they could hurt your career.

Your boss hired you for a reason, and you need to fulfill all the promises you gave it to him when starting with a particular task.

Sometimes the managers could give you a hard time about something, but can you take his place and see how it is from the other side?

I usually say:

Give a person power and see his true personality.

I think it’s a saying from a smart person from the history, but I don’t know who it was.

The point here is that people change over time. Especially when they get richer or gain some sort of power over others.

Saying These 8 Things at Work Could Hurt Your Career
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Let’s not get far away from the main topic here. If you want to be efficient and save your work, you need to avoid saying some things because they can Hurt Your Career.

Or like the internet call it these days, some things are NSFW.

That’s not my job

If the boss wants you to do it, that means this is your job. He trusts you with this one, and you can’t disappoint him.

If you are already full with work, ask some of your coworkers to help you on this one.

There are tons of possibilities, but don’t say that this is not your job.

I did what I could

It’s all about changing your mantra. I know that’s the best you could do, but the no one needs to know.

Instead to get out of the awkward situation, bring a plan that will show your boss you’ve learned from the mistakes.

The next time when something like this comes up, you are going to do things differently.

I don’t have the time

It’s about ditching the “don’t” words and start implementing more of the “do” words.

If you can’t finish something at the very moment, set up a deadline and make sure you share it and finish it before that time ends.

You will be more appreciated and will have room for improvement.

I’ll try

It’s not reassuring. This downgrades your abilities to finish a task.

It makes you weak and don’t be surprised if your boss avoids you the next time something should be done.

They are so lazy

Remember that you are hired by the company because of YOUR abilities. Not the others. If the other employees are lazy and don’t do the work, that’s their job.

Leave the gossip at home.

If they are under your management, make sure you upgrade your motivation skills and make them get their job done. Other than that, it shows how incapable you are at the managing position.

This doesn’t make sense

Saying These 8 Things at Work Could Hurt Your Career
Make a Meme

Yes, sometimes some things don’t make sense. You have every right to say that, but keep it to yourself.

Explore to find the proper solution to that problem. There has to be something. Gather a team and start working on it.

No one wants to know, and if get used to this, it could hurt your career.

It’s not fair

People usually say that life is not fair and where did that got them through life?

Stop whining about everything because you are an adult and no one wants to know you as the person who always complains. That damages the whole picture.

Stop complaining, start improving!

I may be wrong, but…

This is pure proof of discrediting your opinion. Don’t let the others question your actions. You might be wrong, but don’t let them know upfront. If you do that, every time you bring up a new idea the team won’t even listen.

Share the actions and ideas with confidence. Move forward with it. Never apologize for asking a question and use confidence in everything you do.

Change is slow, always has been, and always will be. It’s time to bust that and build yourself as a professional you were destined to be.

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Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. It will encourage them to move forward. Don’t do something that could hurt your career.

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