New Dangerous Social Media Challenge Puts Kids in Hospitals

Mothers, fathers, it’s time to put an end to this new dangerous social media challenge that sends kids into hospitals.

There is a new trend everyone seems to follow as some ”smart” kid wanted to play it cool and lured other children to follow him.

Parents on social media are devastated with the new situation.

New Dangerous Social Media Challenge Puts Kids in Hospitals

Kids are using household products to enter the competition. They have seen many cases that include minor burns. No, these are not the regular injuries that come as a result of an accident with stoves or irons.

These originate from a combination of two everyday items: salt and ice. Yes. You heard me right.

When both ingredients combine, it grows into the hazardous mixture. They can do damage in the form of frostbite and even second-degree burns.

Doctors warn parents to watch what their kids are doing or what they see on the internet.

The social media challenge took over their lives, and now everyone wants to see what happens when these ingredients combine.

In these viral videos, the kid presses the ice-salt mixture directly on their skin with s great pressure. This gives them an instant pain, redness, and even scars.

This new social media challenge became a trend and spread around popular platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Some of them are as young as third graders. They are becoming stars and forced to do more to show their toughness.

I’m showing you this in order to raise awareness with all parents and make these things stop. Not paying attention to it could harm our kids and get them do even worse things.

Are you going to do something about this dangerous social media challenge?

Use the sharing buttons below and raise awareness with the other parents. This is ridiculous.

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