Morris Chestnut’s Transformation: From a Movie Star to Lean Muscles

The Morris Chestnut’s Transformation will be your motivation for the summer. He was the actor that made lots of women get in front of the Television ever since he showed his sexy body in “Boyz N The Hood” in 1991.

He was always this sexy symbol and motivation for the men to look more like him. However, back in 2014, in the time for the premiere of his movie “The Best Man Holiday” Morris was a little bit different.

He was fat.

With 35lbs. Heavier than we are used seeing him, Morris kept his face but lost his sexiness. The reason for this situation was an entirely new life with no gym and constant drive-troughs.

This wasn’t right as he was about to hit the screens again. With more skin showing at this time, there was no other thing to do. He called the celebrity trainer Obi Obadike to get help and bring back his old body. Morris managed to stay sharp and go through this journey as a man.

“There were a couple of shirtless scenes he had to do in the movie, and Morris had to look lean and muscular for that film,” explains Obi. “So when he came to me in December 2012, he was literally in the worst shape of his life.”

He went down from 22 pounds to 187 pounds in 12 weeks. Now, Morris Chestnut’s Transformation is all about lean muscles and ripped body. His new look made everyone ask for the secret recipe. He regularly gets comments and public questions how he achieved that look.

Morris Chestnut’s Transformation: From a Movie Star to Lean Muscles

After the success of Morris Chestnut’s Transformation, Obi and Morris now team up to share this life-changing program with all of their fans.

He is calling all those who are in the same pain and stuck in their beautiful bodies to use these methods and reach their goals.

“When he did the national TV tour to promote the movie, every TV host kept talking about his ripped body in the film more than the actual movie itself. He credited me on all these TV shows as the guy who helped train him. We were both bombarded with tons of emails and messages asking what his exact weight-loss diet and training program was.”


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