Meet The Hip Hop Grandpas Of Nairobi!

My grandpa loves to tell me stories about his youth. The good ol’ days when you could actually ‘make out the lyrics to your favorite song.’ And ‘rapping was something you only did at Christmas or birthdays.’

He couldn’t be more further away from this group of cool grandpas. Known in Nairobi as ‘Kabangu’ they’re the ultimate band of “true hip hop heads.” They’ve followed the evolution of the music genre since the 1980s.

‘Kabangu’ double as security guards by night in Kariobangi – one of Nairobi’s informal settlements.

By day, the four men are said to educate and mentor up and coming talents within the hip hop scene. They also speak to the youth about the importance of equality, prosperity and social justice.

Check out the colorful photoshoot below:

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