Learn Why Are People Wearing a Safety Pin?

I was out shopping yesterday, and I noticed people wearing this safety pin. I thought it was something like a current moment.

It was so strange and made me feel like I’m not from around here.

Politics is not my thing, and that is the main reason why I couldn’t connect the dots.

When I came back home, I went directly to my computer to check if Uncle Google knows something about it.

It took me back when Great Britain voted out from the European Union. It’s a movement by the people voicing their discontent and frustration.

Learn Why Are People Wearing a Safety Pin?
Daily Mail

By doing this, they were showing support to those who are directly affected by the voting.

Things started to be clearer when I’ve read this.

So, why a safety pin?

It came out that Americans are using the same movement to show support to the affected people from the surprising elections.

It’s an American way of showing minorities that they stand with them and will do whatever it takes to fight against hate speech and violent actions.

Maybe this is the most reasonable way of showing support for all people without the need of turning things upside down and violent actions.

Check out the video to learn more about it:

I hope you now know why are people wearing this safety pin attached on their clothes.

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