Issa Rae Discusses Beauty Standards, Joining CoverGirl and Meeting Beyoncé

The Awkward Black Girl Kept It Real In A Candid Interview with Elle

The original awkward black girl, Issa Rae, has officially done it all.

She is the proud creator and star of one of the most successful shows on TV, Insecure. She’s an official CoverGirl model, natural hair icon and red carpet fashionista. She just wrapped production on her very first film, HBO’s The Hate You Give. Oh, and she has every right to brag because she can officially add Beyoncé to her ever growing fan base.

In a recent interview with Elle, the rising star revealed how she met Queen Bey during a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

“I was talking to my friends…and they were like, ‘Girl, Beyoncé is right behind you’ and I was like, ‘No she’s not,’” Issa said. “…[Jay Z] came over to say hi first, and then we saw Beyoncé see him come over, and she came. And I was like ‘Oh God, Oh God.’ I didn’t even listen to what he was saying. It’s so rude because he’s just as great and it’s great to meet him, but I have already met him. And then she came over and was just like, ‘Hey, I’m Beyoncé.’

“I was thinking, you don’t have to introduce yourself but I was like, ‘Hey, I didn’t know that.’ [Laughs] She was like, ‘You’re beautiful, I love your work; I’m a fan.’ I died.”

During the interview, Issa also expanded on her role as CoverGirl’s newest model, a feat she announced on Instagram in September. As the latest addition to the line’s growing list of black and brown ambassadors, Issa is proud to represent a standard of beauty often disregarded by the mainstream – and ultimately hopes that the next generation will be able to envision themselves through her visibility as a representative for the cosmetic giant.

Issa Rae Discusses Beauty Standards, Joining CoverGirl and Meeting Beyoncé

According to the 32-year-old actress, fellow CoverGirls Queen Latifah and Janelle Monae represent a mirror through which she was able to finally see her own beauty – all the while paving the way for her rise to the CoverGirl ranks.

“Seeing Queen Latifah be a CoverGirl was a moment for me of being seen,” Issa said. “It felt like, there’s this woman that I’ve identified with for so long, just from Living Single and watching her movies and I want to be like Queen Latifah when I grow up…It didn’t make me think I could be a CoverGirl, but it made me start thinking, ‘Oh ok, I can start to wear makeup and I should start getting into making and that I could look like that too.’

“And for Janelle [Monae], of course, I was in college or just out of college when she became a CoverGirl, and I just thought like, duh, of course she should be. She’s flawless and she’s someone of my own skin tone, so to have someone of a similar skin tone felt like another ‘I’m being seen’ moment. “

From the small screen to the most glam CoverGirl ads, Issa Rae truly exemplifies Black Girl Magic. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for the beautiful superstar!

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