In the midst of a heated child custody battle, Tyrese is hospitalized in LA

Get well soon Tyrese

Singer and actor Tyrese has hit a rough patch over the past several weeks.

On Monday, the Fast and The Furious Star tweeted a thank you to fans for their “outpouring of prayers and love” after he visited a Los Angeles hospital for reported chest pains. The tweet has since been deleted.

According to sources close to the actor, Tyrese began to experience symptoms after attending a court date with ex-wife, Norma Gibson. The former couple are fighting for custody of their 10-year-old daughter Shayla.

Following the appearance, Tyrese complained of chest pains and possible dehydration after returning to his hotel room, and made the decision to visit the ER. Hospital staff reportedly determined that he was suffering a panic attack.

Tyrese has been vocal about his ongoing custody battle, posting this Instagram photo of him and his new wife Samantha Lee days before the hospitalization. The post targets fellow parents tied up in custody battles reading in part: “Please parents that are currently going through issues keep this in mind…… When parents go to war we effect the kids deeply.”

Tyrese’s ex-wife has made claims that the singer has been violent toward her and their daughter, and thus filed for a permanent restraining order. Tyrese has adamantly denied the allegations, and – based on a mutual agreement between both parties – will be granted a supervised visit with Shayla on Sunday, Oct. 29. This will be the first time’s he’s interacted with the 10-year-old in two months.

Hopefully Tyrese can focus on staying healthy, and he and Norma can amicably settle their differences for Shayla’s sake.

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