How Yoga Changed Her Posture after Decades of Hunched Life

The beautiful and brave lady you see on the picture is Anna Pesce from New York.

She is one of the 100 million Americans who suffers from chronic pain in the back.

Why do I say this?

A study confirms that more than 100 million Americans suffering from the pain that comes in bursts and never goes away. The pain makes your body uncomfortable.

Your life transforms in a constant battle to find that perfect and painless posture. That leads to a hunch.

Anna suffered from severe scoliosis for a decade. Her posture became weak and poor that the mobility came into question.

How Yoga Changed Her Posture after Decades of Hunched Life

Doctors got scared about she not being able to walk, and “prescribed” a wheelchair.

The posture was wrong. The herniated disc was killing her. Scoliosis was scaring her day in and day out. Her osteoporosis was the “cherry on top.”

Anna couldn’t visit her grandkids as her life became a constant fight against these health issues.

The bravery of this 85-year-old woman got her make a life-changing move. She didn’t stop believing in herself. Not even a second. Anna had hope, and at the end, she found what she’s being missing her whole life.

How Yoga Changed Her Posture after Decades of Hunched Life

Her life problem brought her to Rachel Jesien. A scoliosis specialist that treats her patients with yoga.

That’s right. Yoga stepped up and changed the life of this happy grandmother in a month.

Before I show you the video, let me remind you about the benefits of yoga:

  • Improves flexibility
  • Decreases stress and depression
  • Improves blood flow
  • Improves cardiovascular functions
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Enhances the balance of your body

Anna fall in love with the yoga fast because she could feel things are getting better.



That’s how yoga changes lives. Never stop believing. Never stop your hope!

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