How a Man Turns His ‘70s Airstream into Shiny and Warm Home

Fancy new houses, fancy cars, fancy clothes, and more mean nothing if you don’t feel warm at your home.

My point here is that you don’t need a fancy new apartment to live a happy life filled with love and respect.

It’s simple as that.

How a Man Turns His ‘70s Airstream into Shiny and Warm Home

We live in a time like that. People are getting used to seeing more of their life that will temporarily satisfy their hunger.

On the other hand, tiny but cute homes are getting back to the spotlight.

We have a story here about a father and his adorable baby girl who transformed a Volkswagen Beetle into their beautiful little home.

These Airstream trailers are the rock stars. They have been around since forever. You can still find some proud owners of these campers or airstreams around the world.

How a Man Turns His ‘70s Airstream into Shiny and Warm HomeHow a Man Turns His ‘70s Airstream into Shiny and Warm Home

Lucky for him, Jordan Menzel, he managed to score a vintage 30-foot trailer for a steal and made a home out of it.

The remodeling was in the spirit of simplicity and minimalistic living. However, you can sense the act of love this father has for his daughter. He used the opportunity to shift his attention to another direction and remind himself that he can still create something amazing.

I’m going to let the creation to speak for itself. After you see the video, I want you to hit the keyboard and tell me what you think about this.

Would you do something like this?

If you have a similar version of the airstream in your garage, it’s time to turn it to something better.

At least some of your kids would want to live there. You know, give him some privacy.

Don’t forget to share this with all of your friends. They could get an amazing inspiration for reorganizing.

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At the end of the day, this gives me a good idea about my basement. It bigger than a camper, but I think I could bring a minimalist style to it.

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