Dermatologists Warn You About Using Shower Pouf

That feeling when you scrub yourself with the shower pouf. It’s like you are flushing the dirt out of your system, not just your skin.

Showering every day or every second day makes you feel awesome. Somehow you are becoming addicted to the feeling when the pouf goes across your skin.

Dermatologists don’t agree with this.

Dermatologists Warn You About Using Shower Pouf

These rougher sponges are made to exfoliate your skin whenever you take a shower. It cleanses the skin thoroughly while removing debris and dead skin cells.

The shower pouf is made of a sheet of mesh scrunched together. It should give you that nice scrubbing feeling whenever you use it.

Dermatologists say that they are not going to use a shower pouf ever again because they are the base for bacteria.

When someone points it out, it’s starting to make sense.

Dead skin and bacteria get stuck in between the mesh and every time you re-use it; the bacteria goes back to your skin.


Dermatologists Warn You About Using Shower Pouf

That’s not the worst thing that happens.

Some of you will say that they are rinsing the shower pouf in the shower after and before every use.

It’s good, but it won’t get rid of the bacteria stuck in there. While you are trying to clean it thoroughly, it happens exactly the opposite.

The bacteria and dump find the warm atmosphere perfect place for them to grow bigger and do some damage.

The solution:

Dermatologists say that you should rinse and clean the shower pouf every couple of days. However, that won’t do the trick because you are showering at least once every day.

Either don’t use it so often or replace the shower pouf every week or two.

I don’t see a better solution than this.

Dermatologists Warn You About Using Shower Pouf

There is one last thing, though. You can always stop using it and use your hands to scrub the dead skin and bacteria out of your body.

Maybe some of you know how to deal with this and have a particular technique of cleaning the shower pouf?

You can share it with all of us.

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