A Town in Alberta, Canada Woke up to Pink Tap Water

I’ve never seen a story about pink tap water. When I saw this, I said to myself that this must be one of those pranks we see on TV. Well, it’s not like that.

A water treatment plant in Onoway is what’s behind coloring the water supply on Monday, March 6th.

The potassium permanganate, a chemical used in water treatment plants to remove iron and hydrogen sulfide from the water.

If you are wondering how much would it need for the potassium permanganate to colorize the water, well, it’s a lot. Large amounts were released into the water slide after one of the valves malfunctioned during the whole procedure.

Lots of people woke up to a pink tap water. Twitter was full of these interesting tweets and quotes from people.

A Town in Alberta, Canada Woke up to Pink Tap Water
Deseret News

The media surrounded the problem pretty quick and got to the bottom of it.

Is the Pink Tap Water dangerous?

If you are living in this area in Canada, you should raise the panic button. However, consuming water with the significant amount of potassium permanganate could harm your well-being.

It could cause severe irritation to the skin on contact. On top of that, there will be gastrointestinal distress, throat swelling, and burning if you consume it. The authorities believe the level of potassium permanganate was successfully diluted not to cause any harm. However, the residents are still staying away from it and wait for further instructions.

Here is the full story about this happening.

I hope nobody got in bigger trouble from this thing. If so, there will be lots of consequences if this comes out to be a human error.

Can anybody living in Canada explain how was the experience with this pink tap water and what were the instructions from the authorities?

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