A Scary Moment for Twins Ends With Bravery

The twins were playing in their room when the dresser fell down on both of them.

Luckily for both of them, the second child got out of there easily, but the first one was stuck.

I was watching this over and over again to see what happened. It came out that these dressers are not that safe to be left in the kids’ room.

This video went viral right after the parents decided to put the video on Internet.

However, there are mixed feelings about the situation. Some people talk about the bravery of the second child, and the others are asking one interesting question:

Where are the parents?

Who in the world will leave two toddlers alone in their room?

A Scary Moment for Twins Ends With Bravery

There are millions of ways out there to secure the unstable furniture around the house. Parents should use one.

Kids will be kids. They won’t stop until they examine every inch of the house and touch everything. Like these twins here.

You can expect something like this to happen and there is a reason why you can’t leave them out of sight.

Enough about that.

Let’s focus on the other thing. I can’t stop admiring the mind of a two-year-old. When he realized that his brother is in trouble, a quick reaction set him free.

Right when you expect him to go and call for his parents, he does this unbelievable thing.

Did somebody call for Superman?

Watch the video:


Here are some reactions. The last one has a really good point.

A Scary Moment for Twins Ends With Bravery

A Scary Moment for Twins Ends With Bravery

Frightening. Thank god this kid has a hero brother to save him.

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