A Bulldog Tries It’s Best to Make a Baby Laugh and It’s Hilarious

You know how we can’t live without a baby laugh. I probably play hundreds of videos during a week just seeing babies doing these awesome things and laugh.

It cheers my day and fills me up with a tremendous amount of energy. I watched this video for ten times, and I can’t believe how this bulldog wants to make his best friend laugh.

If some of you were questioning the ability of the dogs to be great babysitters, this video would change your thoughts. This is Rupert. The French bulldog. It’s an adorable thing to have in your home.

It’s like someone has the remote control and makes the bulldog do these things and hear the baby laugh.

Take a look at the video that will make you want a dog in your life.

It’s like a spinning machine. This bulldog is a keeper. He will take care of the baby better than any other babysitter out there.

Living with a dog is amazing. It’s like you have someone to keep you safe and gives you great amount of love.

Both of my kids grew up with a dog. They can’t live without him. It’s a big part of our lives.

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Dogs are great for the development of the kid.

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Source: BrightSide

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