A Bride & Groom Perform The Best First Dance EVER!

I remember my first dance with my husband. We visited salsa lessons two months before the wedding to get ready for the dance.

We started with “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. That’s the song that was playing in the restaurant when we kissed for the first time. I love that man.

The salsa song was “Lady” by Orquesta La Palabra. We surprised all of our guests with the dance off.

Too bad we quit salsa dancing, but I still have the same desire to dance again. Maybe I will mention this to my husband and see how he reacts.

Do you remember your first dance?

The couple you are going to see below are Justin William and Jillian Simpkins. If we have a competition, they will beat all of us, and the results won’t be even close.

There is a reason why the video of their first dance or performance went viral as soon as it hit the Internet.

They did something no one expected from them to do. It was funny, creative, inspiring, and full of love.

I hope your entire marriage life will be full of happiness and love!

Here is what Justin has to say about their first dance:

“Our huge move toward the end was proficient with a blend of enchantment and a couple of thousand sit-ups.”

“It was a ton more fun than we expected – the practice time gave us a pair of continuous hours every day paving the way to the wedding – and pulling it off for our visitors made it worth all the prep.

The way that individuals are reacting so absolutely to the features is truly a reward as of right now. The wedding day was immaculate, and now we get the chance to see that reflected back to us by an entire bundle of outsiders. It’s strange.”

It was an answer to all the skeptics who said that this dance is not real, and they used something to make this dance look unbelievable.

Let’s check out the dance:

They are so beautiful!

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