6 Effective and Tight Glute Exercises for a Perfect Booty

Glute exercises are what we need for this holiday period. We won’t be able to move our body because it will be full with food and beverages.

However, our booty shouldn’t deal with the consequences.

When I saw these exercises, I thought about the squats. But, we all know that sometimes these squats are the reason why we don’t do anything about our glutes.

They could be boring from time to time.

So, no squats here. I’m going to show you something different.

The gym will probably take some time off for the holidays. Don’t worry, I have your back. As always.

You can do these glute exercises at your home. You will stay in shape during the holidays.

The results will surprise you.

Let’s get sweaty!

Exercise #1: Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl

Exercise #2: Donkey Kicks

Exercise #3: Lunges

Exercise #4: Dumbbell Step-Up

Exercise #5: Medicine Ball Hip Thrusts

Exercise #6: Unilateral Stiff-Leg Deadlift

Can you see why I recommend these exercises for the holiday season?

Easy and effective. Wait until you see how your butt forms from these glute exercises.

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Don’t forget to invite your friends over and start doing these together.


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Wise Mind Healthy Body
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