4 Natural Remedies Will Remove Epidermoid Cysts in 7 Days

It’s time for you to put an end to those small lumps that grow underneath the skin.

They are often described as painless, but they know to hurt sometimes.

HealthLine.com says that these cysts grow slowly and tan to yellow color. Popping this cyst results with a smelly substance that will leak out.

However, popping it is never the best option for you.

I need to tell you that they are harmless and it’s your choice whether to leave them to “pass on” by themselves or you will do something about it.

They don’t look so good on your skin, don’t they?

4 Natural Remedies Will Remove Epidermoid Cysts in 7 Days

So, we choose to eliminate them?

These four natural remedies will help you do it easy and fast.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Maybe the best solution against rupturing the cyst and allowing the bacteria to go into your body.

The antibiotic features ACV has will keep the cyst area clean and remove any bacteria responsible for creating the cyst.

Apply ACV with a cotton ball up to three times on daily basis. You can expect a hard layer of skin to form over the cyst.

Let it fall off naturally, and the cyst will drain.

Aloe Vera

The powerful antibiotic that attacks the bacteria that formed the epidermoid cyst.

Apply the Aloe Vera directly on the cyst three or four times daily. The cyst will reduce its size in seven days.

You can continue until it’s completely gone.

4 Natural Remedies Will Remove Epidermoid Cysts in 7 Days

Warm Castor Oil

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil that heals all sorts of skin damage.

Warm castor oil slightly and dip a small piece of gauze in it. After this, apply and fasten it directly on the cyst. Leave it like that overnight.

Within a week, the castor oil will soften the cyst, and it will bring it on the verge of vanishing altogether.

Hot/Cold Compress

This is how you increase your circulation and speed up the epidermoid cyst’s natural healing process.

Take a hot cloth and press it tightly against the cyst. After this, take a cold cloth and do the same thing for a couple of minutes.

Even though this is another natural way of removing these cysts, I prefer using the previous three methods.

Using any of these four natural remedies will eliminate epidermal cysts in seven days.

I hope this brought up a new solution for your problem.

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David Wolfe
Mayo Clinic

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