10 Proven Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Low-carb diets have been talked about for many years. When they first showed up, people thought they were just like those “fake” diets.

When they started doing it, the low-carb diet changed their lives. For good.

They are really controversial about the way they achieve good results. Some studies show that the low-fat diet truly shows results.

Why are people scared?

When you are trying this “way of eating”, you cut carbs to a minimum level. You increase the food intake that contains proteins and fat.

And you know how people get when you tell them about fat. Don’t forget that there are two types of fat. Don’t you ever forget that.

When people discover that fat is one of the two main resources here, they quit. They stop reading more.

But, if they continue to explore, they will find out for what low-carb diet talks about. Don’t make the same mistake.

We are living in another era now. People are more educated than before and we are able to speak openly to you.

Over 20 studies have been conducted that will prove the ability of low-carb diet to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Reading all of them, you will find out the methods they used to explain everything. It will bring you to the conclusion that low-carb diet comes ahead of every single diet out there.

10 Proven Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Getting myself more into the low-carb diet I started exploring widely for the benefits of this diet.

They are visible even from Mars if you start reading all the comments from people who are on this diet. It’s more like a way of eating. This diet is held only for a couple of weeks.

The low carb diet stays forever. You just change levels.

So, the benefits. Yes. They are more than enough for you to try and experiment with this diet.

Let’s start:

Low-carb Diet kills Your Appetite

No. This doesn’t mean that you will remain hungry. It kills your appetite in a good way.

It’s not like the other diets where you fell down hungry and hope that you will lose weight.

By reducing your appetite, you will feel full for the most of the time. The studies show how cutting the carbs and increasing protein and fat, you end up taking fewer calories per day.

There is a comparison between low-fat and low-carb diet researchers did for the ones who doubt this diet.

It says here that low-carb diet is a safe and effective option for medically supervised weight loss in obese adolescents.

Low-carb diet Leads to More Weight Loss

During these years struggling with your weight, you’ve been listening how low-fat diet helps you trim down the extra weight.

You see that it doesn’t work on longer terms. When you start reading again, the people who told you that often want to sell you some magical pills to lose weight.

It couldn’t get more damaging than that.

When you go with the low-carb diet you lose weight naturally and slowly. You use no effort to achieve your goals.

One of the biggest reasons why low-carb diet tends to cut excess weight off your body is the low insulin levels. You will start losing fat within the two weeks. You will feel that change right away.

Reading more about this and talking to nutritionists will show you how often people quit from this diet. The weight comes back a few months after they have decided to quit.

That’s why I said it’s more like a way of eating. Not a real diet. If you plan on losing weight and then quit, you better don’t even start.

You need to tend to get healthy and stay like that. And the low-carb diet tends to help you with that.

Fixing Abdominal Cavity Fat

When you say you are fat, what part of your body is bugging you? Where are you getting fat the most?

The fat is not proportionally stored everywhere on your body. Somewhere on your body you store more fat than in other places.

It’s all about it. You can determine whether you are fat or not depending on where the fat is stored.

Don’t forget to calculate the fat under your skin and in the abdominal cavity.

10 Proven Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Having fat stored exactly there leads to inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic dysfunction.

How low-carb diets fix this?

It is simple. They reduce the abdominal fat.

Maintaining this diet, you will drastically reduce the risk of getting heart diseases or type 2 diabetes.

The Fat Molecules (Triglycerides) Are Going DOWN!

That’s right. You are bringing those fat-causers down for good. The low-carb diet drastically reacts by reducing the blood triglycerides.

The main trigger is to shoot their driver down. That’s the sugar fructose.

By having much of these triglycerides in your blood, you are increasing the risk of developing heart disease.

That’s why people go with low-carb diets. They improve the state of your body dramatically by attacking exactly those fields that are vulnerable and big problem causers.

HDL (The Good Cholesterol) Level is Going Way Up

If you didn’t know by know, there is a thing called HDL. That’s the good cholesterol in our body. The LDL cholesterol is the wrong one.

10 Proven Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

Many different studies showed how your HDL level should be bigger than your LDL level.

This is how you reduce the risk of developing a heart problem.

With the low-carb diet, you eat more fat than carbs. The biggest solution to increasing the good HDL cholesterol is by eating fat.

Can you see the connection?

Don’t worry. I talk about the healthy side of fat. The good one.

People on low-carb diets see an increase in their HDL level dramatically. So, according to this, a diet like this is a win-win situation.

By consuming the foods allowed by this diet, you are lowering the dangerous Triglycerides and increase the HDL level at once.

That is what I am talking about!

Reduced Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

When your diet is rich with carbs, your body suffers from large sugar intake. From there, you are increasing the sugar levels in your blood.

Because the toxic properties of the blood sugars, the body releases insulin to fight that off. However, it can’t do this by itself.

When the cells are bringing all the glucose, they can’t do it all at once. That’s why it stores it “for later”. The sugar keeps coming and the storage is getting bigger and bigger.

The sugar level in the storage department transforms in fat. And by going further, we are getting obese.

The story behind this is bigger. I tried to make a simple version of it.

Many people have developed several problems with their system. Their body became resistant to insulin. That’s why they need to put it in there manually.

I think you got the picture that I’m talking about diabetes.

The numbers of people suffering from diabetes are large. Really large.

If you want to reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, cut the carbs from your diet.

A study made by Dr. Eric Westman showed that low-carb diet reduces the insulin dosage by 50% in the FIRST DAY! This doctor managed to cure many diabetics by using the same approach.

Another study shows how type 2 diabetics reduced the medication dosage by 95.2% within the first 6 months. Unbelievable.

So, if you are one of these people or you have a friend who is diabetic, a low-carb diet could solve his problems.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is somehow underestimated by many. I hear people talk about it as it’s nothing.

Well, it is something. It’s more like one of the reasons behind, stroke, kidney failure, heart diseases, and many more.

If you suffer from HBP, then it’s time to try a low-carb diet. It lowers the blood pressure and it helps you improve your overall health and live a longer life.

Treats Metabolic Syndrome

What is metabolic syndrome?

10 Proven Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

As you can see it’s a collection of several symptoms, including:

  • Abdominal obesity
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Elevated fasting blood sugar levels
  • High triglycerides
  • Low HDL levels

Are you ready for the good news? – Yeah. You guessed it right!

The low-carb diet is here to solve all of them. It can reduce the levels of all the symptoms by making them beg for their existence.

By holding on and making this diet your way of eating, you will reduce them and fix or never develop this syndrome.

Improves the Pattern of LDL Cholesterol

I talked about the HDL or the good cholesterol. Now it’s time to pay a visit to the bad one, the LDL cholesterol. People with high LDL are more vulnerable to heart attacks.

Working on this, scientists discovered that it’s the size of the LDL that matters. Not all of them are the same.

Talking about the size, people with mostly small particles have a big risk of heart disease. While the others, the ones with large particles, have a low risk of developing such disease.

The low-carb diet comes as the cherry on top here. A study shows that people who switched to this diet, have large particles.

All the small ones have been transformed in large while reducing the number of LDL particles in the blood.

Therapeutic for Several Brain Disorders

Last but not least, the “brain disorders solver”.

I know you’ve heard that your brain needs glucose so it can function right. That’s true.

But only a part of it. Some part of the brain is capable of burning glucose. That’s why the liver is here to produce glucose out of protein if you don’t consume carbs.

A larger part of the brain also burns ketones. These are formed during the time when the body starves or when the intake of carb is very low.

10 Proven Benefits of Low-Carb Diet

This is called the keto-diet. It’s now used to treat kids from epilepsy, mainly kids who don’t respond to drug treatments.

Another study talks how the seizures and strokes have been reduced to a minimum by treating children with this diet.

The studies for low-carb diets are not ending here. They will continue to develop over time and I’m here to follow them all.

These are the benefits that will make you consider doing an experiment with this diet. For any of you who tried this diet, you can share your comments with us.

For those who haven’t, what is stopping you from doing that? If you need a company to do this, share this with your friends and ask them if they are on board.

Source: Authority Nutrition

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