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  • DIY Citronella Candles That Will Keep the Mosquitos Away


    Sitting in your backyard during the summer days is something I enjoy doing. Especially when the sun goes down, and the temperature gets lower. The best case scenario is when some refreshing and the slow wind comes out of nowhere to chill you out. But these mosquitos, though. They are a real pain in the […] More

  • A Russian Photographer Takes the Most Dangerous Selfies Ever


    I’m still not sure what I’ve just witnessed. Can’t take my eyes off these photos. I don’t know if these frightening photographs scare me for her life or mine. The girl you are going to see on these unbelievable photos is Angela Nikolau. She comes from Russia. Angela is a self-taught photographer whose career took […] More

  • Can Your Birth Date Give Details About Your Personality?


    Discovering facts and details about your personality became a trend recently. Everything started with one simple question and heard all the time. The question is: Can you describe yourself in a few words? Not knowing to give the proper answer to this question needs to concern you. It means that you don’t know what your […] More

  • 12 Happy Celebrity Mothers Who Are Proud of Their Post-Baby Body


    There are many situations where the mother gives birth to a beautiful and healthy baby and after that, they don’t care how much weight they will “put on”. I’m not so sure if that’s the right thing for them to do because they are still young and need to be a healthy example in front […] More

  • Fast And Effective Techniques to Clear Your Sinuses



    People who are prone to allergies probably hate going outside. It’s not possible for them to go out and come back healthy. They especially hate the beginning of the summer. Their nose is like a waterfall. Sinuses are those hollow cavities in your skull. They are connected to the same system, and most of them […] More

  • 6 Important Vitamins Every Woman Needs for Healthier Life



    Vitamins are essential for our life. All people need them. It doesn’t matter whether you are a man or woman. Without vitamins, you are going to have tons of health issues. And we don’t want that. Studies show how women have bigger issues maintaining the healthy life than men. The female body has been designed […] More

  • 10 Unexpected but Awesome Uses for Deodorant



    Look what I have here. The deodorant is just for our underarms, right? – Well, when you finish this post you are going to see that you can use the deodorant for something else. I didn’t see this coming. Not in million years. We, the people, don’t realize that we can use the things we […] More

  • These 11 Signs Say: You Are Probably Expecting a Baby!

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    Today’s regular check-ups and tests are 99% right. The technology is so advanced that they will tell you that something is cooking inside your body even before the “thing” happens. My grandmother and mother weren’t lucky enough to be pregnant in this world. They didn’t even know they are pregnant until that belly started to […] More

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